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     Jinan liantan Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful city ---- Jinan, which is the capital of Shandong province.Jinan liantan has good communications,and the geographical position is superior, which is a fair chemistry scientific research development, the production, the sale and the service, the import-export trade is a body's synthesis chemical industry enterprise.
     Jinan liantan Chemical Co., Ltd. has a Cooperation with the Chinese scientific physics and chemistry Technical research institute cooperation, completed Academia Sinica to experiment the cooperation base. Our company introduces Academia Sinica high pure silver nitrate technique of production technology and the German Spiker Company produces the ICP plasma to read the spectrum instrumentation equipment straight, enables the company to have a set of perfect management system, the abundant technical force and the necessary service of public utility.
     Under the company sets up the Production workshop, the chemical laboratory, the sales outlet, the finance department, the purchase department and so on more than 10 departments, has a set of advanced production management flow, the enterprise staff more than 100 people, Under all staff's joint effort, under many year’s development, the joint coal company scale of production expands unceasingly, products and so on main business iodine, potassium iodide, sodium iodide, silver nitrate, silver, sodium selenite, German ethylene diamine widely apply in the medicine, the agricultural chemicals chemical industry intermediate, the feed additive, the chemical reagent, the electron, the everyday use chemical industry and so on numerous domains, the company year sales volume achieve ¥80,000,000.
     For dozens of years, the company adapts the market demand unceasingly, introduces the advanced production equipment and the high-level scientific research technical personnel, by perfect product examination method and quality assurance system Footholds between colleagues.
     After the company unceasingly adapts joins WTO, the good opportunity which for China chemical industry brings, the apparent mass is the life, strives for the survival by the prestige, presses the development by the science and technology, the foothold domestic market, develops the international market diligently, develops vigorously adapts the domestic and foreign markets to have the competitive power product. The company product sale network proliferates national 20 provinces and cities, and has the partial products to export the overseas, the depth the user community favor.
     Jinan liantan Chemical Co., Ltd. hopes to win your support and the faith by the first-class product quality,the preferential benefit product price and the satisfying sales service. “Jinan liantan Chemical Co., Ltd.” welcomes the domestic and foreign new-old friends from all walks of life to visit the instruction zealously, the absolute sincerity cooperation, conspires the development.



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